Sep 112012

I received a promotion from Office Depot a few weeks back and rather than the usual “Valued Customer” form of address, it had a more personal and eye-catching touch.

Ricoh GRD III. ©Calvin Palmer 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Full marks go to Office Depot for this imaginative piece of marketing.

The Fujifilm X-Pro1 fanatics think I belong in a comic strip, so they should appreciate the above photograph.

Talking of Fujifilm,  I notice the company has released the XE-1 camera, similar to the X-Pro1 except that it does not boast the hybrid EVF/OVF, just an EVF. Fujifilm has introduced new firmware, v2.00, for this camera and it will be available for the X-Pro1 shortly.

Firmware v2.00 addresses many of the criticisms levelled at the X-Pro1 by reviewers but dismissed by the “highly skilled” early adopters.

The improvements include improved AF speed, better MF performance and improved writing and processing speeds. Auto (6400) has also been added to the ISO setting.

It is pleasing to see Fujifilm respond in this manner, although quite why they didn’t get all these features right from the get-go is known only to Fujifilm.

The firmware can be downloaded on September 18th, 2012, 6:00 am (GMT) at the Fujifilm global web site: It will also be necessary to update the firmware of the Fujinon XF lenses at the same time.

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