Apr 222011

Jacksonville’s Corporate Run took place yesterday evening. It is a run/walk of 5K and attracts in the region of 3,000 participants from the city’s corporations, government agencies, financial and legal firms.

My wife is the office administrator of the Jacksonville office of a leading Florida legal firm. As a cancer survivor, she is very much into health and fitness, working out every day at a gym in San Marco and following the strict eating regime imposed by Weight Watchers. She ensures her firm has a good number of participants in this annual event.

The finish line. ©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

She ran the 5k in a time of 32:19 and was considerably faster than several women half her age and less than six minutes behind the fastest woman from her firm — a 27-year-0ld attorney.

I just go along for the free food and beer and to socialize with my wife’s work colleagues, many of whom are the bright young things striving to carve out a legal career and the wealth that comes with it. Of course, I also take my Ricoh GRD III along. The resulting images are unlikely to fall within the realm of fine art photography, more like reportage images from my days as a journalist.

Runners stretch out before the race. ©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

After the race, one of the young attorneys called me across to meet a fellow Brit – a guy in his late twenties.

We were introduced and I asked him where he was from in England.

“London,” he replied.

“What part of London?” I asked.


“Watford’s not in London,” I said in a somewhat derisory tone.

“It’s the northern most Tube station,” he fired back.

Inwardly, I said to myself, “Whatever.”

“So you are a Watford supporter,” I said, bringing the conversation round to the universal topic of football.

‘No, Tottenham Hotspur,” he said unashamedly.

Back in England, people who live in a town with its own football club but who follow a more glamorous side from another city are known as glory hunters.

I had met my first glory hunter and one who also had an abysmal knowledge of geography.

In order for Watford to qualify as as part of London, it would need to be one of the 32 London Boroughs that make up Greater London. It is not.

Watford is borough separated from Greater London by the Three Rivers District Council to the south. To say that it is a part of London is like saying Macclesfield is part of Manchester.

But I guess London is a better line when trying to impress American girls. At least most of them have heard of the UK’s capital. And if they haven’t, he could be on to a winner.

I never did find out what he did for a living in Jacksonville but it is obviously something that draws on his innate talent for dispensing bullshit.