Jun 202011

A sudden spurt of activity yesterday evening saw me overcome the impasse that dogged me for two days and halted work on the latest gallery for Calvin Palmer Photography.

The photographs that comprise the Canary Wharf gallery had been selected weeks ago and last week, once my birthday was out of the way, I decided it was time the gallery was presented to the public in the hope of generating some sales.

The process of creating a gallery involves resizing the images and then producing the html pages, which includes titles for the images, captions, descriptions and keywords.

One image was tentatively titled but the title was about as exciting as the controls on a washing machine. Oh, it was functional and accurate but hardly inspirational and certainly not befitting a supposed creative mind.

The problematic image. ©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

The more I tried to come up with something more inventive the slower my brain functioned. Of course temperatures of 90 degrees plus do not help when it comes to creativity. Come mid afternoon and I am enveloped in a kind of warmth that speaks to one thing and one thing only – sleep.

Experiencing the summer heat of Florida, I can see the sense of the siesta in Spain and Latin America countries.

In theory, air conditioning should provide the ideal environment for an Anglo-Saxon like me to remain productive but in an old house, it remains very much a theory. The A/C unit upstairs cannot maintain a temperature lower than a couple of degrees of the ambient temperature. It will run and run quite merrily but its impact on the room temperature is zero until the temperature outside begins to drop. And that usually occurs around 9:00 pm.

But being English, I soldier on with a mad dog for company. How else would you describe a Chihuahua?

Actually Brandy, the name comes from her previous owners, is a lot smarter than the breed is usually given credit for. I think it took a certain degree of intelligence on her part to unwrap several Hershey Kisses left in a bowl at Christmas to get to the chocolate. Although it was the pieces of silver paper left on the carpet that gave her away.

Perhaps I should have given the task of coming up with an interesting title for the photograph to the dog; on second thoughts, perhaps not.

As usual it took the heady combination of coffee and a cigarette to deliver the goods. I had just stepped outside on the back deck with a mug of coffee in hand and a Winston in my mouth and before I could light the cigarette, the title came to me in a flash.

Once I had smoked the cigarette, I dashed to my Mac Pro and completed the html page for that particular image. I then worked steadily for the next hour or so finishing off the titles and captions for the remaining images in the gallery and it was ready for posting for worldwide viewing.


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Feb 012011

I worked into the early hours of yesterday morning and made good progress on this website, adding images and notifying all the search engines of its existence. A job well done, I thought.

Imagine my disappointment this morning when I did a Google search and found the site was not listed.

It took me several hours of moving between the PC and the Mac to attempt to remedy the situation. Why the two computers?, you may ask. Well, the PC is connected to the Internet by ethernet cable, while the Mac has to rely on the wireless network and the Airport card. Since I moved into my house two years ago, the Internet on the Mac has ranged from poor to non-existent. Several calls to AT&T have not made the slightest difference. I just live with it. Besides, the exercise does me good.

I ended up resorting to a WordPress plug-in, which did result in the sitemap being accepted by Google. Alas, the website still fails to appear.

When I launched Calvin Palmer Photography on January 1 of this year, I appeared on the second page of a search for “Calvin Palmer” that day and the following day had moved fourth position on the first page. Of course, that website had nothing to do with WordPress. It was a template I bought and worked on myself. The WordPress theme is free.

I guess you pays your money and takes your choice.

I also question why I am even writing this piece because I am sure no one is ever going to find it. But you never know.