Feb 172011

From the Ricoh B&W gallery, you all know that I am a big fan of the high contrast B&W mode of the Ricoh GRD III. But I have this strange sense that in some way I am kind of cheating by letting the camera produce this B&W effect.

I have been trying to see if I can recreate the same effect in my B&W conversions from RAW using Silver Efex Pro. I took two versions of the same shot yesterday — one in RAW and one using the high contrast B&W mode. The Silver Efex Pro conversion is on the left.

©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

On this occasion, I seem to have replicated the in-camera high contrast B&W mode pretty well.

Of course, it could have been beginner’s luck but today I took this shot of fallen leaves, using similar settings in Silver Efex Pro to the ones used in the conversion above. Again, I was pleased with the result.

©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Feb 082011

Yesterday, it rained continuously in Jacksonville and so restricted me getting out of the house with the camera. I undertake a photographic safari, as I call them, each day when I go out for a walk in my neighbourhood, Riverside.

While smoking a cigarette out on the back deck, I happened to notice the rain hitting the wooden decking and forming concentric ripples. I grabbed the Ricoh and fired off several shots. The one I posted on another of my web sites — Tägliches Foto — received two favourable comments, which is quite a rarity. Seeing as the shot was well received, I thought I would post it on here as well.

Riverside, Jacksonville. ©Calvin Palmer 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Feb 042011

My English friends came to visit with us yesterday afternoon but before they arrived I took advantage of a lull in the rain to get out and about with my Ricoh GRD III. About 200 yards from my house, I came across this large puddle reflecting a palm tree. I shot in RAW and converted to B&W with Silver Efex Pro in Photoshop CS3.

Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida. ©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

My friends return to England today and yesterday’s weather seemed to be preparing them for their return. At one point, they checked to see what the weather was like in England. The temperature in London was the same as Jacksonville — 52 degrees F, so it was quite literally home from home.

We had dinner at the Hovan Restaurant in Five Points, a favourite eating place of mine, especially since becoming good friends with the owner, Johnny. He joined us for a time and got into a discussion with Charlie about the situation in Egypt.

Both Caroline and Charlie learned just how big the Super Bowl is in America and they were both surprised to discover that a great many women are just as interested in watching the Super Bowl, and NFL games in general, as  American men. In Britain, football — I refuse to call it soccer — is still regarded as something of a male preserve.