Sep 012011

I seldom get the chance to photograph people. On Saturday afternoon, I was out with my camera and stopped to take a shot of a building with a slogan painted on the walls.

Canon 40D and Zeiss Planar T* ZE 1,4/50. ©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Within a minute, the owner of the building was out, asking what I was doing. After explaining my business, we got talking and boy could he talk. I listened to a 40-minutes diatribe on the subject of corruption among Jacksonville’s police, city government, the FBI and the federal government.

I nodded politely at such assertions that the FBI was withholding a vaccine against AIDS and dealing in drugs. He seemed to know all the inside knowledge on a recent corruption trial regarding the director of Jacksonville Port Authority.

The guy’s name was Stefan. He was originally from Romania but spent some time in Italy before coming to the United States. He was convinced that the spirit of the Lord would protect him from those who wished to do him harm.

Having allowed him to spout forth for such a length of time, I was determined to get something for my trouble. So as I made to get him to wind up his monologue, I asked if I could take his photograph. Stefan agreed.

Canon 40D and Zeiss Planar T* ZE 1,4/50. ©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Although the focus is not tack sharp – an aperture of f/2 was always going to be a stiff challenge to my manual focusing skills – I am quite pleased with the image. And I think you can well understand why I asked to photograph Stefan.

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