Jun 262011

I have been having a problem with my right eye since Wednesday evening. My diagnosis, courtesy of a search on Google, is a posterior vitreous detachment, which causes floaters and an intermittent flashing light in my peripheral vision.  I go to the Florida Retina Institute tomorrow to rule out a retinal tear or worse a detached retina. Hopefully, I will get things sorted out.

I am fortunate from a photogaphy point of view that my focusing eye is my left one even though I am right handed. To be honest I think I am probably left handed but when I was taught to write at school I was told to pick up the pen in my right hand and duly did.

Yesterday, I came across a blog site called Running After My Hat, which in turn led me to this amusing video clip of B.B. King, singing One Shoe Blues, which was written by the creator of the video– Sandra Boynton.